Managerial and Administrative Roles

For over ten years, Jared Ingersol has proudly represented an outstanding roster of some of the finest artists in folk and Americana music.  His roster is comprised of storytellers and musicians that connect with and inspire their audiences.

Whether he is connecting artists with promoters, managing the day-to-day of an artists’ touring and other business needs, helping an artist streamline their workflow,  or consulting with artists on a case by case basis, Ingersol is dedicated to helping spread their music, and developing their careers with professionalism, enthusiasm and integrity.

Radio, Press Distribution and Promotion

Over the past several years, Jared has proudly distributed and promoted excellent folk and acoustic music to DJs, community radio stations, syndicated radio shows, and select press across the United States, Canada and around the world. Jared has built a strong reputation and many relationships with DJs and music programmers. Although DJs often receive hundreds of albums per year, his mailings often are near the top of the stack, as DJs have come to expect quality material from him. Releases distributed and promoted by Jared have often charted in the top 20 (or higher) at folk radio.  Jared has distributed and promoted releases by Al Stewart (w/ Dave Nachmanoff), The Honey Dewdrops, Downtown Ramblers, Hey Mavis, Andrew & Noah VanNorstrand, Carpenter & May, Red June, Ari & Mia and more.

Jared works with each artist to tailor all aspects of their radio campaign to their individual needs. Artists utilize his service because of his dedication to their projects, and he regularly keeps them informed of their progress. Numerous artists have developed a great deal of buzz and a reputation of their own through working with Jared.

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Internet/New Media

Jared provides over ten years of expertise with Internet and new media promotion to several artists and music related organizations. Among others, he has worked with Al Stewart, Dave Nachmanoff, smooth jazz stars Rick Braun and Richard Elliot, Flatpicking Guitar Magazine/FGM Records and Fiddle & Pick (Musical Heritage Center of Middle Tennessee) to meet their needs when it comes to website development and maintenance, social networking promotion and maintenance, and newsletters.


NEW! Wandering Minstrels with Jared Ingersol radio program

In 2016, Jared launched a radio program called Wandering Minstrels with Jared Ingersol, which airs on stations throughout the United States, Canada, England, Australia, and elsewhere.  Jared is the host and executive producer of the program, which plays a wide variety of folk and singer-songwriter music.


“Jared never ceases to amaze me with his diligence and attention to minute detail. He is always “on the ball” and even one step ahead of me in his work. To have someone like this on your team is priceless, because such persons are so few and far between. With Jared’s help and knowhow concerning internet promotion, I climbed from my status as a “local musician” to being a nationally recognized artist in my genre. His skill as a booking agent is also invaluable. If you could only afford to have one person on your team, Jared Ingersol would be that one.”
– Wil Maring

“After several years of working with Jared, it’s hard for me to imagine how I ever managed without him. In the first year that we worked together Jared boosted my online presence and streamlined my workflow. He encouraged me to try “Kickstarter” to fund my most recent CD, and organized and ran the campaign which was a huge success! He takes the initiative, coming up with new ways to help me take care of all the time-consuming administrative and promotional work that a 21st century musician has to do. He operates quickly and efficiently, sometimes carrying out tasks before I have even asked him to, leaving me more time to focus on recording and performing. His enthusiasm for music and his great attitude are pretty rare in this business of music. I consider myself very lucky to have him on my team!”
– Dave Nachmanoff

“It has been a pleasure to work with Jared Ingersol on the radio promotion of my recent recording, Brooks’ Blues. He was professional and thorough, spreading the word to the DJs about what I was doing and getting them the recording right away. The response has been great. I’ll be back!”
– Brooks Williams

“Jared Ingersol released our debut Carpenter & May CD to folk radio on September 1st. When the September Folk Radio charts were announced Oct. 4th, I was simply amazed to see that Carpenter & May are the #1 artists, #1 album, and have 5 songs charted in the top 15 including a #3. While we were confident that we had made a solid project, without the tenacious, thorough efforts of Jared Ingersol, this simply would not have happened. There is no doubt, Jared can get it done!”
– Fred Carpenter

“Jared Ingersol has done web work for Flatpicking Guitar Magazine, Flatpicking Mercantile, The Flatpick Network, FGM Records, and Brad Davis Music for over ten years. He not only has an impressive knowledge and high level of competency concerning programming, web design, and social media, he also gets the job done on time. I have never been disappointed in Jared’s ability to complete a job that he was assigned and I was always impressed that he could it done faster than I ever expected. Not only did everything that I asked him to do get done efficiently, but he typically showed great initiative by completing tasks without being told they needed to be done. He knew what needed to be done and he did it before he was asked so that I didn’t have to worry about it. I could not have asked for a more trustworthy person to do my web work for me. In the fast changing world of the internet and social media, having someone who you can rely on to get a job done quickly and do it very well is a godsend. Jared was that person for me for over a decade.”
– Dan Miller

“Any musician looking for someone to present their group in a professional and effective way should hire Jared Ingersol. As a busy librarian I appreciate performers and/or their representatives who approach me without the high-pressure tactics giving me enough information to make an informed decision. Jared was wonderful to work with in booking a music group for my library and was extremely responsive in all of his interactions with me. When you are a spending a limited budget on an unknown group it helps to have confidence in the service provider and Jared delivers just that.”
– Beth Crowley, Director, E.C. Scranton Memorial Library

“Working with Jared was a terrific experience. He was thorough, efficient and extremely helpful in getting our album airplay on folk radio stations across the country.”
– Andrew VanNorstrand of Andrew & Noah VanNorstrand

“A HUGE thank you to our radio/press manager, Jared Ingersol, for helping us reach #2 most played album on folk radio for February!
– Ari & Mia Friedman

“Jared Ingersol is first and foremost a music lover and supporter. He gets the songs out there and heard because he believes in the recordings by the artists he promotes. We were honored to have a #1 song and #2 album in February 2010 and the #1 song and #1 album for October 2010 on the Folk DJ chart all because Jared provided the backbone and support the music needed. He successfully finds the right audience for your music and he does it in the most efficient and organized of ways. He will be dedicated to your cause just like he was for ours. Thanks Jared!”
– Laura Wortman and Kagey Parrish of The Honey Dewdrops

“Jared is hands down the best booking agent I’ve ever had: anything I need done he does immediately and is a true music fan. He is well aware of all music marketing media operating today and is very inventive about how to get my music in the places it needs to be.Thanks Jared!”
– Tim May

“Jared helps luddites like myself deal with the fast changing world of technology now used by musicians for networking. He got us up on Facebook, MySpace and now is helping us with booking gigs. A pleasure to work with, conscientious and knowledgeable. We recommend him!”
– Holly Tashian of Barry & Holly Tashian

“Jared Ingersol’s detailed work is “true web-site wizardry”! The Musical Heritage Center at the Fiddle & Pick web site; and my band’s site, PLAIDGRASS; business matters, and more! His multi-tasking, alert mind, and sense has been the saving grace of helping me run our music school and performance venue. I have a good feeling of confidence working with Jared; knowing our team has someone so skilled, that I trust, who can get things done real fast! Way to go Jared!”
– Gretchen Priest May, Fiddle & Pick