Shaun Cromwell

Shaun CromwellBiography

A singer/writer of eclectic roots-inspired songs, Shaun Cromwell uses his guitar, banjo, and voice to weave tales of intrigue and epics of sorrow. Drawing heavily from the pantheon of American roots traditions, he infuses the music with contemporary influences such as Bill Frisell, Lowell George & Tom Waits.

He was chosen as a finalist at the 2009 Mountain Stage contest, among other competitions, and was a mainstage performer at the Tucson Folk Festival. In addition, he was selected for an official showcase in both 2008 and 2009 at the Folk Alliance conference in Memphis, Tennessee.

Folk-Worn Prose is Shaun’s second release. Unlike his first record, it’s not a concept album, but rather a collection of twelve original tracks (ten songs, two instrumentals) that he felt represented his best work over a two year period.

“At the 2008 Folk Alliance Region West Conference, I overheard someone say… “Who needs three guitarists when you’ve got Shaun Cromwell”. And oh that voice! Metaphorically speaking… if there is an original first seed from which Roots Music blossomed, it currently resides in the heart, mind, soul, fingers and voice of the rhythmically intuitive world of Shaun Cromwell. To watch and hear him play is to view a Medium absorbed in the trance of conjuring the melodic essence of Mississipi John Hurt, Ry Cooder and Taj Mahal to name a few. Cromwell delivers music with the Titan passion Prometheus reserved for fire!”
– Henry Hallett: Host of ‘Simple Folk’, KXCI 91.3 FM, Tuscon, AZ

“Shaun Cromwell has the unmistakable sound of someone who has put in the time and the heart, someone who has truly got inside the music.”
– Peter Mulvey: Singer-Songwriter

“Shaun Cromwell’s soul is based in the roots of the blues and the dawn of Americana. His masterful guitar playing demonstrates his ability and his original music confirms his devotion to the medium. I love this guy.”
– Betsi Meissner (Amazing Grace): ‘Acoustic Alternative’ KXCI 91.3 FM, Tuscon, AZ